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APC Report Criteria

PDF / 783.95 KB

A guide for consistency across issuing bodies for the evaluation of reports for Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) renewal applications. January 2020

Assessment Test Guidance STEC 2023

PDF / 127.87 KB

For all SASC Test Evaluation Committee (STEC) Assessment Test guidance documents see the section: SASC Assessment Guidance from the Options Menu. A list of current test guidance is available to download here. 2023

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

PDF / 838.58 KB

This guidance focuses on the assessment and identification of the characteristics of ADHD in individuals of any age. June 2021

Autism Spectrum Conditions: Assessment and Identification

DOCX / 127.11 KB

The Assessment and Identification of Autism / Autism Spectrum Conditions for specialist teacher-assessors. May 2022

Behavioural Optometrists

PDF / 44.97 KB

Gilchrist J., Behavioural Optometrists Guidance. Sept 2018

CPD Guidelines

PDF / 751.65 KB

SASC CPD Guidelines 2019
Continuing Professional Development is an essential ingredient to maintaining and extending your professional knowledge and skills.

CPD Requirements for all New APCs

PDF / 523.68 KB

CPD Guidance for those holding an APC for the first time.
April 2019

DCD/Dyspraxia: Assessment and Identification

PDF / 799.76 KB

SASC Guidance on the Assessment and Identification of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known, in the UK, as dyspraxia. March 2020

SASC Guidance Documents

SASC and its subcommittees are a collaborative and ‘umbrella’ group of professionals working in a similar field to agree standards of practice. No single organisation or individual dominates. SASC strives to bring about change through consensus. Decisions and guidance go through a consultation process with the organisations involved in SASC and, where possible, with a wider audience of individual assessment practitioners, academics, trainers and teachers/tutors.