Assessment Practising Certificate

Assessment Practising Certificate

An APC recognises professional achievement at postgraduate level as well as a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD). An APC must be renewed on a regular basis and demonstrates  a commitment to the regular updating of professional skills and competence through study, professional training and practice.

Specialist teacher assessors must hold a current Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) for the assessment of specific learning difficulties. The APC must be current and will have been issued by a SASC approved professional association. There are currently three APC awarding bodies:

Assessment Practising Certificates have a currency of three years after which they must be renewed through their APC awarding body by providing evidence of reporting practice meeting SASC guidelines and of relevant Continuing Professional Development.

Guidance on Continuing Professional Development for an APC
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)is an essential requirement for professionals to maintain and extend their professional knowledge and skills. The CPD undertaken for APC renewal helps professionals to keep abreast of current research fields, changes in practice and new developments. SASC issues regular  guidance to encourage the development of assessment and reporting skills and provides listings of approved CPD courses.

To count towards meeting APC requirements, CPD activities should be at an appropriate level and contribute to an SpLD assessor's general professional skill and knowledge. Full details of requirements and the range of CPD activities that could contribute to a relevant CPD log can be found in the SASC Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development. See below for further details.

SASC APC Guidance Documentation

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