APC Course Approval

SASC approves postgraduate courses leading to an SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate.

APC Course Approval

The SpLD Assessment Standards Committee will approve courses, upon successful completion of which individual candidates will be eligible to apply for, and be granted an SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate APC), providing these courses meet the criteria of the practising certificate granting body in full.

Course Approval Guidelines can be downloaded here:


APC Course Approval Guidelines

Provides information for course providers on modular courses which focus on SpLD assessment at or equivalent to Level 7.

APC Course Outcomes

It is expected that an accredited course will enable applicants to achieve these outcomes.

APC Course Approval Timetable

Timetable and procedure for Course Approvals.

APC Courses: Guidance for Trainees

Clarification for trainees, on accredited courses, on writing assessments for those with possible SpLDs.