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View news itemUPDATE: Pre-16 Diagnostic Assessments
DfE have let us know that the Student Loans Company have now started accepting pre-16 ...
View news itemNew Report Formats IMPORTANT CONSULTATION
SASC is launching 2 new recommended formats for diagnostic assessment reports. We are conducting a ...
View news itemWIAT III UK T included on approved test list
STEC has approved WIAT III UK T for inclusion on the list of approved tests. ...
View news itemTAPS-4 Test
Review and guidance on use of TAPS-4 Test now issued.
View news itemDSAs evidence requirements for students with SpLDs
SASC guidelines required to be met, just as currently, for any report being used as ...

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SpLD 2005 Working Group Guidelines
SASC APC Course Approval Procedure -Timetable
Event Feedback- SASC proforma
SASC CPD Provider Checklist
Additional requirements for Training designed to meet ATS+CCET+ route
Dyspraxia Guidance March 2012
Common associated characteristics - dyspraxia
ADHD Guidance-September 2013
Minutes of ADHD Consensus meeting May 2013.
Dyspraxia Guidance - Sept 2013
Joint signing of diagnostic reports.
Advice on disability evidence for students with Autism.
Psychological Assessment of Adults at Work
SASC Articles of Association
SASC Memorandum of Association
Terms of Reference for the SpLD Test Evaluation Committee of SASC
Roles in STEC [SpLD Assessment Standards Committee]
STEC Key decisions 8 Dec 2014
SASC EGM Sept 14 minutes
REVISED guidelines-December 2014-ART Revision
Structure for Review of APC Reports - rev Oct 15
Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) information
STEC Key decisions Nov 2015 meeting
Additional Guidance on the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition (KTEA-3)
Guidance on the ART-2 March 2017
Guidance on the Feifer Assessment of Reading FAR-Jan 17
Describes only circumstances where trainees contributing to or writing reports are acceptable.
Guidance for Report ProForma updated November 2017
Diagnostic Assessment Report ProForma - Nov 2017
Guidance - Conducting Tests Used in Diagnostic Assessment Reports
Trainees writing reports - SASC Guidance Nov 17
2015 March STEC Key Decisions
2015 Nov STEC Key decisions
2016 March STEC Key decisions
2016 June STEC Key decisions
2016 Nov STEC Key decisions
2017 March STEC Key decisions
2017 June STEC Key decisions
2015 June STEC Key decisions
Comparison WIAT-II UK and WIAT-III UK
2017 Sept STEC Key decisions
Feifer Assessment of Mathematics [FAM] Additional Guidance
Updated Guidance on Symbol Digit Modalities Test
CPD Requirements for all new APCs from 1-Sept-18
Guidance on the WRAT5 which is a re-standardisation of the WRAT4.
Guidance on the use of digital assessment scoring platforms: pros and cons.
DIDA-Diagnostic Interview for DCD in Adults
SpLDs and Visual Difficulties a Guide for Assessors and SpLD Practitioners.
Presentation on Introducing SpLDs and Visual Difficulties a Guide for Assessors and SpLD Practitione
Presentation by Dr A Kirby introducing the new DIDA - Diagnostic Inventory for DCD in Adults
Screening Protocol from SpLDs & Visual Difficulties a Guide for Assessors and SpLD practi
SASC APC Course Approval Guidance 2011
Using SASC On-line CPD Provider Registration
SASC CPD Provider Application Guidance
Membership Application Form 2018
Response to questions re Visual Guidance 2018
Approval Checklist – for Courses Leading to an Assessment Practising Certificate
Guidance on behavioural optometrists
Guidance on use of WIAT III, revised September 2018
STEC Key decisions from 23 April 2018 meeting
Revised Test Guidelines-Sept 2018
TAPS-4: A Language Processing Skills Assessment This assessment tool is no longer entitled ‘Test of
Pre-16 Format Diagnostic Assessment Report for Specific Learning Difficulties
Post-16 Format Diagnostic Assessment Report for Specific Learning Difficulties
APC Training Expected Outcomes - Recommendations for Training