How to Conduct a Remote Online Diagnostic Assessment

How to Conduct a Remote Online Diagnostic Assessment



Since the Covid-19 pandemic, conducting assessment remotely has become a new way of working. The technology and range of assessments tools available for online assessment are now such that this method of diagnostic assessment, when carried out robustly, can be a viable alternative to an in-person assessment.

Lia has carried out a great number of remote online assessments and will share the knowledge and experience she has gained. This method of assessment can enable diagnostic assessors to work in a more flexible way and to assess over a wider geographical area. However, there are important considerations that need to be addressed to ensure best practice in assessment and valid and reliable outcomes.

The session will include:

  • An overview of the SASC guidance regarding remote assessment
  • An exploration of the technological requirements for the assessor and assessee
  • The role of the facilitator and when one is needed
  • Creating an appropriate testing environment
  • The tests available and how to use them in an online assessment
  • Establishing a protocol for testing, including gaining appropriate permissions and working in a data compliant way
  • Tips for a successful assessment

A range of resources and templates accompany this course, including a sample checklist, information sheet, assessment plan and assessment protocol, all of which can be adapted for individual use.

The course will cover:

  • Using technology in a remote assessment
  • Creating an appropriate testing environment
  • Tests available and how to share them with the assessee
  • Establishing a protocol for testing
  • Tips for a successful assessment

Learning outcomes

  • Be familiar with guidance on remote assessment issued by SASC and test publishers.
  • Be able to establish a protocol for undertaking a diagnostic assessment remotely.
  • Know how to use technology and test materials within an online remote assessment.
  • Ensure best practice is followed when assessing online. 

Course prerequisites

Delegates should be qualified SpLD assessors and experienced in carrying out in-person diagnostic assessments.