Development of Writing Assessment Tools for Children and Young People: Patoss

Development of Writing Assessment Tools for Children and Young People: Patoss


  • Date(s)
    22 Apr 2023 - 22 Apr 2024
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    Writing and transcription skills (handwriting and typing) are critical throughout education and in employment.

  • CPD credit hours
    1 hour
  • Course themes
    Reviewing principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory, SpLD testing methods, interpretation, report writing, feedback and test materials
  • Audience
    Assessors, Support, Assessment centres, Training institutions


The use of robust assessment tools contributes to the identification of and support for individuals with writing and transcription difficulties. In this seminar we provide updates on practical ways to assess the speed and legibility of handwriting and to evaluate written composition skills.

Learning outcomes

  • The new Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting – 2nd Edition (DASH-2) will be reviewed.
  • We will also consider how DASH scripts can be used to obtain information on broader aspects of legibility and writing quality
  • Application of the Handwriting Legibility Scale and Writing Quality Scale with scripts from 14-25 year olds will be examined.
  • The presentation of case studies will illustrate how this suite of tools provide a practical and holistic assessment of writing and transcription, useful for intervention planning
  • Outline the development of a new assessment of typing skill.

Course prerequisites

This is a seminar in the Patoss Annual Conference